Friday, 27 December 2013

#Nurture1314 - Hopes & goals for 2014

Having done much head scratching, time to crack on with aims for 2014. I have done much head scratching, but thought I'd better just crack on with it.

1. A bit like Polonius in Hamlet, I am prone to prolixity, nevermind beating around the bush, I can do the full tango round it, see I'm doing it now. Nelson, be more concise and direct in thoughts, words and deeds.

2. Family - I have merged into the background as a family member, ergo I have neglected them - that old work/life balance thingummy again. This needs to be put right.

3. Friends - I have tested their patience recently, I'm sure. Some old but loved friendships have sufffered over the past year or two, these need to be healed. I'm not quite sure how to go about it, so any advice greatfully received.  I really want to maintain good twitter friendships with all the folk I've met and spent time with so far. You know who you are, and you have kept me afloat in so many ways this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

4. A long distance open water swim. This was on last year's list, not done so I need to make it happen this year don't I? Stage 1 - buy a wetsuit, Stage 2 - get in and out of said wetsuit succesfully without pulling a muscle....

5. Deal with the Black Dog better - spending time with family and friends (points 2 and 3) should help with me re-joining the human race, a new hobby, being honest with my doctors and nurse practitioners will help here too. Keep in touch with my #BDamigos on Twitter and blogging will help here too.

6. New job - time out of secondary school teaching is needed before this academic year is up. However, I am not done with education, and I don't think education is done with me yet either. Suggestions as to WHERE I could be well used in differernt educational contexts would be MOST welcome. I am applying for a job as we speak, then speaking to a careers advisor the first week of January. I am also in dicsussions with @StephenDCook about his school in Sierra Leone. We have emailed, and he has told me, bless him, that I would be a 'real asset'. It would be voluntart, I'd have to sort out funding, which may involve selling my house, but with all that's occured while I've been in it, no great loss! However, I'd welcome suggestions of how else I could fund it e.g. asking for sponsorship from pliable businesses, please do leave comments if you have any ideas. *eyelash flutter*

7. Writing - through my blog I have found my blogging niche which seams to be mostly 'brutal honesty' or words to that effect. These are the post that have received the most views. I'd like to improve my writing, like my dear friend @Xris32 perhaps get paid work for writing, and eventually work up to writing a book.

8. The new hobby - I've been Gareth Maloned - I want to join a choir. What's not to love about that? I'm an alto - anyone know of choirs near Atherstone, let me know!

9. Stand-up comedy - I love going to watch this, and I was doing so well on this last year up to when school started in September.

10. Theatre - It has been WAY too long since I've been to the theatre, but this will be put right soon enough with @LisaFarrelll3 and @SaysMiss with trips to Warwick Arts in the pipeline. I haven't been to The Globe in London in 2 years, I need to go there soon! A joyous place to watch a Shakespeare play. Love, love, love it! Anyone want to come with me, say Easter Hols, get in touch!

11. Cooking. I can't remember the last time I actually cooked something decent from scratch, not so much as a Spag Bol. I can cook a mean risotto, a very nice salmon in foil with tomato, balsamic vinegar, garlic and honey. I do a mean chocolate mousse (ask @rlj1981), I can follow a recipe. I also need to cook very healthily to help with the Black Dog too.

12. Cinema - I love going, somethings just need to be seen on the big screen. I aim to get @Chocotzar out to the cinema more often. Got it lady!

13. Meet more Twitter folk (I'll no doubt add to this as time goes by and I remember more names of peeps I want to meet). I'd love to meet: @deadshelly @Pekabelo @vicgoddard @SaysMiss @JamesTheo @tstarkey1212 @flackneymike @JanetteBaker @TeacherGhost (I've got your Stollen love!) @Janeyb222 @JoBaker @scjmcd @CazzyPot @creascentcolours @Jo_Ms_H  @TeacherTweeks @k8rock @janbaker97 @ljrn42 @steer_michael @Mr @cherryylkd @MissBex_M and her mum @biggs_debra @blondebonce @smanfarr @AndrewCowley @MrsRWood @jk_greaves

29th December 2014 - Made good head-way on this one already. I met new people at the #MiddleEarthTweetUp in Sutton Coldfield and met the following:

@cazzypot @TessaLMatthews, @clerktogoverner @sputniksteve @FG20 @RuthKRobinson @Ingotian along with established Twitter chumes @Chocotzar @oldandrewuk and @danielharvey9  Was GUTTED to have missed @webofsubstance who left before I arrived.

14. a) Get an adrenaline rush - do a bungy jump or a parachute jump, Zorbing, white water rafting, Zombie run, that kinda thing.
      b) Keep participating in @ieshasmalls 'Miind-Shackles' photography project. I hate being photographed but I Iesha made me feel relaxed in her company and I really enjoyed it.
      c) If I don't need to sell the house, get the hideous attic room 'done' and maybe take in a lodger - no pyschopaths please. :-)
      d) I have read voraciously while off work, so like some Twitter friends of mine, want to read at least 50 in 2014 AND use my blog to keep a record, even if brief of it. First up will be Jo Nesbo's 'The Redbreast' started in 2013 and will be finished 2014.
    e) Last one, promise...ahem.... get to grips with my iPad better. I have masses of apps on it I barely know how to use. Shame on me.

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  1. This is quite a long list. And it’s wise that you included your goals last year that you weren't able to achieve to this year’s goals. This year may be the perfect time to achieve all of it. But in all of your goals, selling your house is the most challenging. It’s not easy to put it on the market, but with the right knowledge and people to help you, there’s no doubt that you’ll nail this as well.

    Scott Sauer